Unfortunately, "What2Watch Together?!" has been shut down, and is no longer available.


What2Watch Together?!

A new app to discover movies and series you want to watch together!


You're planning a relaxing evening with Netflix & Co., but once again you have no idea what you want to watch together?!
Your partner zaps through countless movies and series and you waste valuable time because you just can't agree?

What2Watch Together?! solves exactly this problem!

How does it work?

Select the content that's interesting to you by simply swiping movies and series left or right -
just like on Tinder, you'll sort out anything that's not an option for you.

Create watch groups and invite someone to mark the content they are interested in.
In this way, everyone decides individually what you could watch together.

As soon as you have a match, the show appears in your shared watch list.
The next time you watch TV, all you have to do is to decide in which order you want to watch your common favorites!

Screenshot: Region & Watch Provider Selection

Select your Region & Watch Providers.
Swipe only movies and series you can watch for free!

Express your
watch preference.

Simply by swiping!

Screenshot:Watch Group with Matches

Create a watch group & invite someone to join.
Through your individual decisions you create a list of shows you both want to watch!

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